1. Reading Quran Course
Learn to read Quran with its proper Arabic accent and pronunciation. (Read More)

2. Qirat Quran Course
This course has particularly been designed for individuals who can read Quran but cannot recite fluently In accordance with the rules of “Tajweed”. (Read More)

3. Irfan-ul-Quran Course
Learn to understand the meaning of Quran and its sciences with only 63 lectures. (Read More)

4. Translation Quran Course
Learn the translation of Holy Quran from our learned scholars within one year. (Read More)

5. Hadith Course
Learn to the basic rules of hadith and Interpretation of hadith (Read More)

6. Sira-tur-Rasul Course
Incidents and situations from the life of our beloved prophet are real life lessons for all to help us succeed in this life as well as in life hereafter. (Read More)

7. Aqa’aid Course
This course incorporates fundamentals of Islam, important aspects of ‘Aqeed-a-Risalat’ and other miscellaneous beliefs with a view to protecting the faith of coming generations and that they could be put on the moderate path by making them stay away from effects of mischief of Khawarij and influence of radicalism, extremism and terrorism. Another aim of the course is promotion of right set of beliefs in a moderate manner by rising above sectarian differences. The duration of the course is six months. The students will be made to learn by heart the Quranic verses and Hadith regarding beliefs. (Read More)

8. Fiqh Learning Course
Fiqh linguistically means understanding. Technically it means to know and understand the Ahkam (orders) of all might Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). (Read More)

9. Arabic Language Course
Any one who wishes to learn Arabic Language in a short span of time? (Read More)

10. Urdu Language Course
Learn Urdu language from our eminent Professors of Urdu. (Read More)